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Norris Type Medium Gauge Carbon

Savarez Alliance KF Carbon Norris Medium Gauge Harp Strings.
This Norris Medium Gauge Carbon is mid way between Lever and Pedal Gauge, but has quite a high tension feel and will produce a much brighter tone than natural gut or nylon strings.  From the mid range towards the bass, the gauge becomes almost as heavy as Pedal Gauge, which gives a richer/fuller tone in the mid range and a nice transition between the lower carbon strings and the bass wires.

This stringing is used on Norris Medium Gauge Carbon harps and can be used on any harp which is built to take Pedal Gauge string tension.
Prices listed for Full Sets of 24 (1A to 24F) or 26 (1A to 26D) strings already include a 10% discount.