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New Bow Brand Gut String Lengths and Prices

2023 has been a year of radical reorganisation and change for Bow Brand Strings, so it's helpful to understand the new Gut String Lengths and Gut String Prices.  You will look at our new 2023 gut string lists and you will be shocked by the increased prices, especially for the upper octaves?!  However, if you are comparing prices and looking around for the most affordable strings, you can rest assured that HarpStrings.biz will always supply gut strings at the best possible price ...

During their reorganisation, Bow Brand worried about the need for large price increases, so they decided to restrict the price increase for each packet of string, BUT, they also decided to supply only half the original string length in each packet for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Octaves  ( ... I believe similar things have happened to famous brands of chocolate bar ).

So, all Bow Brand packets of 1st, 2nd and 3rd octave gut are now much shorter  ...   and it's helpful to understand how this effects the price you are actually paying for your new strings.  Shorter string lengths initially appear cheaper, but are not the most economic way to buy your strings.

To give you a quick practical example   ...

...   Many strings in the upper range of the harp require a string length of around 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 inches.

...   A new Bow Brand packet of 24 or 30 inches will usually provide you with one single string replacement.

...   A special 60 inch gut string length from HarpStrings.biz will usually give you 3 string replacements.

...   So, 3 replacement strings from standard Bow Brand packets would cost around £7.20 x 3 = £21.60

...   And 3 replacement strings from HarpStrings.biz 60 inch gut would cost around £13.44 x 1 = £13.44

So, it's useful to know that our 'more expensive looking' 60 inch gut strings are actually very much less expensive than standard Bow Brand packets.

There is also that slightly nerve wracking feeling of replacing a broken string   ...  will I mess up tying the knot  ...   or will my new replacement string break just as I'm tuning it up to pitch  ...  so it's enormously reassuring to have a generous multiple string length to hand!

The quality of our 60 inch Bow Brand Gut string is exactly the same and only the length supplied is different.