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Korg Slimpitch - The New Mini Chromatic Tuner + Contact Microhpone

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  • Korg's new mini chromatic tuner with its vivid, full color display is a little cracker!
    Note that this new tuner comes complete with its own contact microphone, so although it appears to be a bit more expensive, it actually costs less than a CA-2 tuner & CM-200 mic combined.

    The Slimpitch features a bright, full color display for superb visibility, even in the dark.  Although the tuner is very small, its bright colour display is clearly visible from a good distance, so it's ideal to place on the floor in front of your lever or pedal harp for easy tuning. It is also magnetic so that it will attach to the underside of a music stand if required.

    In addition to the bright display improving visibility, the text and the meter display are cleverly color-coded for much easier pitch recognition.

    Even smaller than the previous card-sized units, this new model is the size of a pack of gum, allowing it to fit easily into your harp case, string bag or pocket. The weight has also been reduced to approximately one third of the previous models for effortless portability  ( 28g ).

    The sensitive built-in microphone works very well with the harp  ...   but in noisy situations, such as when everyone is practicing at the same time, you can use the included contact mic.

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