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Bow 18th Century WHITE Gut

Bow Brand '18th Century Gauge' Natural Gut are a lighter gauge than modern 'Pedal Light Gauge' and are more suitable for Grecian and Early Pedal Harps.  ( We also stock Bow Brand 'Lever Gauge' which are even lighter in the mid range )  All the string diameters are listed below.

Bow Brand CONCEDO / WHITE gut strings are Bow Brand's premium natural gut finished with a White varnish ( similar to the Red and Black varnish traditionally applied to the C and F strings ).  The white strings look very striking on any harp, antique or modern, and make it much easier for the player to see. The white varnished gut strings produce exactly the same tone quality as the natural gut strings and are also slightly more durable offering better longevity.

All our gut strings from 0.41mm down to 1.25mm are special extra long 60 inch lengths which will provide several spare string lengths. Be cautious of standard Bow Brand packaged strings which may appear cheaper but which are now sold in much shorter single string lengths of 24 and 30 inches!  All the string lengths we supply are also listed below.

The price listed below for a full set of Grecian Harp Gut from 1st Octave D to 5th Octave F already includes a 10% discount.