About Us ...

HarpStrings.biz is part of Mark Norris Harps, a supplier of professional quality harps, strings and accessories for the last 35 years.  We carry a comprehensive stock of Bow Brand Gut & Savarez Carbon strings for Norris Harp players  ...  and can also supply the highest quality strings for most well known makes of lever harp and pedal harp.

With such a wide variety of harps and so many different string gauges, we are well aware of the endless possibilities for ordering the wrong string!   So, we have worked hard to design a simple online shop with clear lists of strings for each make & model of harp.

We carefully package all our own strings in high quality, clear plastic string bags and have also created special HarpStrings.biz string labels to clearly & helpfully identify all your strings.

We hope you will enjoy our online shop and will find our string service helpful.  If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve or extend this online service, your suggestions will be most welcome.