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3.E Sanderson & Taylor Light Gut ( 2nd Oct E )

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  • Bow Brand Gut Harp Strings


    We supply Bow Brand Natural Gut Harp Strings which we believe are the finest gut strings available. Many reputable harp makers around the world use only Bow Brand gut strings for their instruments including Salvi, Lyon & Healy, Pilgrim, Starfish and Mark Norris Harps and it is wise to continue using Bow Brand strings for all your spares & replacements.

    Your Bow Brand Gut Strings, supplied by HarpStrings.biz, are specially packaged in our own robust, clear plastic sleeves which help to preserve your spare harp strings in perfect condition during postage and storage and the use of clear plastic sleeves also ensures that you can easily keep track of how much string you still have left in each packet! All strings from HarpStrings.biz are also very clearly & helpfully labelled for your particular lever harp or pedal harp.

    If you play professionally, or have exams or serious practice to do, we strongly recommend that you always have a full set of spare strings!! This is the only way to guarantee that you can replace any broken string on your harp immediately and when you do break a string, you simply need to order another spare to replenish your full set then you will never again suffer the panic or embarrassment of being without a string!

    Gut strings, stored correctly in our clear plastic sleeves, will last for many years so that you can be sure your stock of spare strings will never go to waste.

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