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32.E Norris Bass Wire ( 6th Oct E )

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  • Norris Harp Bass Wire Strings


    Norris Harp Bass Wire Strings are specially wound for Norris Harps with enamelled copper wire. The white, red and black enamel provides clear distinct string colours for the player and the enamelled finish is also particularly durable so that the Norris bass strings remain looking & sounding bright for much longer than ordinary bass wire strings.

    To keep a lever harp sounding at its best, particularly if you play a lot, it is good to change your bass wire strings every two or three years.

    Like most lever harps, Mark Norris Harps require a unique gauge of bass wire strings and it is very unwise to use any other make of bass wire strings on a Norris harp. HarpStrings.biz only supplies the correct / original bass wire strings for Norris Harps and the Norris Bass Wires are supplied in the same clear plastic sleeves as our Norris gut & Norris carbon strings, so your spare strings are all the same size for easy storage.

    If you play professionally, or have exams or serious practice to do, we strongly recommend that you always have a full set of spare strings including spare bass wires!! This is the only way to guarantee that you can replace any broken string on your harp immediately and when you do break a string, you simply need to order another spare to replenish your full set then you will never again suffer the panic or embarrassment of being without a string!

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